About Pritchard and Jerden

Since our founding in November 1960, Pritchard & Jerden has provided the highest quality Risk Management and Insurance Services. Throughout this period our motto has been Serving Your Interest. There are four groups whose interests we are privileged to serve:

Our Clients

We commit to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. We will do this by listening to your concerns and responding with integrity, knowledge and a sense of urgency.

Our Employees

We commit to providing a professional, enjoyable, educational and rewarding workplace. We will foster an environment of mutual respect and open communication.

Our Companies

We commit to pursuing quality clients whose insurance needs meet your business objectives. We will work with you in the same spirit of integrity and sense of urgency as we have promised our clients.

Our Community

We commit to contributing our time, talent and resources to the community. We will encourage our employees to participate in worthwhile social and civic projects. Fulfilling these commitments will enable us to continue to prosper and grow. We will maintain an entrepreneurial spirit through corporate independence.

Pritchard & Jerden will set the standard of excellence by which others will measure their performance.